About us

We approach amber processing consciously - handling materials with care and preserving their beauty. Amber, this marvelous organic material, possesses not only exquisite aesthetic properties but also a rich history enveloped in legends and mysteries. When it comes to processing amber, we strive to maintain its unique characteristics and natural hues to present its true magnificence to the world.

First and foremost, mindfulness is reflected in our choice of raw materials. We meticulously select high-quality amber, paying special attention to its purity and color. Each stone undergoes thorough examination to ensure it meets our high standards. We prefer to use natural amber without any synthetic additives, preserving its inherent beauty and energy.

During the amber processing, we adhere to techniques that allow us to unleash its potential while retaining its initial charm. We employ traditional methods passed down through generations, blending them with modern innovative approaches. Special attention is given to the polishing process to create a smooth and radiant surface that accentuates the amber's amber glow.

Our goal extends beyond creating beautiful amber jewelry; it also encompasses preserving its true natural beauty. We aim to provide our customers not only with exquisite pieces but also with a story, energy, and traditions that accompany them.